My Soundly Sleeping Baby Live Workshop
Oct 3rd 2018
Barnado's @The Triangle,  London SE19.
Discover what you need to Know to Help Your little One Become A  Soundly Sleeping Baby and Kick Sleep Deprivation to the curb
Babies and toddlers who sleep well at naps and overnight rarely happen by accident.  In my years of working as a an early years practitioner & night nanny i have learnt that when it comes to sleep and our little ones we have to teach them how to sleep independently and that anything and everything can have an impact on how your little one sleeps.

At the My Soundly Sleeping Baby Workshop You will learn:
  •  The Foundations of Baby Sleep:  Baby sleep cycles, Hormones & their impact, sleep physiology & cognitive development , what to expect of little ones sleep wise at different ages.
  •  The Journey to Independent sleep: How to create positive sleep habits & sleep association, naps and bedtime routines.
  • How To Solve A Sleep Struggle: Meet The Real Sleep Thieves & stop them stealing your sleep
  •  Sleep Training methods & techniques : Low Cry & No Cry methods to help sleep train your little one
  •  Q & A Session: for personal questions and support
  • Tea, Coffee & Light Lunch Included: Handsouts will  be available for every workshop attendee.
Babies in arms are  welcome as well as older babies & toddlers  however please note this is a quiet three hour long workshop, The room is not  child friendly and no play area is provided.  (Stay and play sessions are on in the main Barnados centre however fees apply  and adult supervision is required) 
Please only bring older babies and children if you feel your child will cope with sitting still and quietly for three hours, without interrupting your listening or that of other attendees.

Come & Learn about baby sleep from  a professional who has sleep trained, coached & supported hundreds of families
Charmaine is a mother herself and has over 20 years experience working with babies, toddlers and their families, 18 of which involved overnight care and respite. She is qualified in child development & sleep training & has helped countless mums overcomes sleep deprivation, overwhelm and anxiety, gain confidence and teach their babies how to be sound little sleepers! you can find out more about her and her work here and read her blog here
Workshop attendees will leave with a clearer understanding of  the norms of baby sleep and the unique struggles their baby may have & how to tackle them.
Handsouts, follow up support discounts and online classes will also be available for every workshop attendee
Grab Your seat Now!
See you at the workshop!!
Charmaine E Walters
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