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Hi Lovely Mum & Welcome.
My guess is, if you are reading this, You have a baby or toddler who doesn't like sleep quite as much as you do.

You have this little person whom you love dearly but their sleep habits have left  you exhausted   &  the lack of sleep is slowly driving you crazy.

You want to make some changes and help your little one sleep better but you’re not sure what to do or know where to start.

You've probably googled 'baby sleep'  a million times ,  read a few chapters from   various baby books ( who has time to read a whole book) , asked friends/relatives and/or rolled your eyes when your mother in law suggested swaddling/routine/leaving them to cry.

 You want to sleep train but NOT if it means  leaving your baby crying for hours alone but waiting for them to get older and improve on their own is just NOT an option. 

Thats where i can help you...... I'm a mum like you but for the last 18 years i have worked as a night nanny & and early years educator. I have worked with children under 2 years old both during the day AND overnight, as you can imagine i have learnt a lot in those 18 years and i wanna share what i have learnt about babies and toddlers with you so that you and your little one can get the sleep that you need ASAP.

If your baby is not the best sleeper its not your fault, You have a normal  baby. 

The media, internet , books, TV  and so called baby experts have told us 21st century mums that if our babies are not sleeping through the night by 6 months old that our child has a sleep problem of some sort and that we need to  sleep train. We , as mothers have been encouraged to ignore our instincts and  told not to 'spoil' our children with affection or attention so that they can  get a good night's sleep.

Babies and toddlers are supposed to sleep differently to us adults, they need more sleep than we do to facilitate the rapid growth and development their brains and body needs to undertake in the first 2 years of life.  But also the way they sleep  in the first few years of life changes rapidly too.

My goal & mission is to share with you what i have learnt in the many   years that i have worked as an early years educator, night nanny & also my own experiences as a mum about our little ones  and how they sleep so that you can make improvements to how your little sleeps now.

When i had my own daughter 15 years ago I ignored all the experts and had my own daughter sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old. I co slept, breastfed on demand and never had to leave her to cry. and i have helped countless mums get their babies sleeping too. 

I'm very different to most sleep consultants and coaches.

 *I don't believe in a one size fits all approach,
 *I did not develop a system to get my own child sleeping and now believe  i can do the same with your child.
*I don't believe that just leaving your child to cry alone is the answer.
 *I have years of experience working overnight with hundreds of babies and toddlers helping them to get to sleep. I know that every child is unique and individual and what works for one child may not work for another.
I believe that you are the expert when it comes to your little one, and i know that if i share with you what i know about sleep and early child hood development, that will help you and your baby get the sleep you need with ease and comfort.

 Wouldn't it be great to know why your baby struggles to sleep and to know how you make improvements that don't involve hours of crying and stress

My goal in the work that i do with sleep deprived mums is :
  •  To share the norms of infant sleep with new mothers,
  •  To show you why your baby may struggle with sleep at times & why its perfectly normal 
  •  What you can do to help your baby get the sleep they need when they need it so that you can too.
  •  To help you feel confident getting your baby to sleep, build your connection & bond with your baby & help you both GET MORE SLEEP
I blog & podcast about motherhood, babies & sleep.
Blog Post: The Truth About Baby Sleep
Ok I just wanna get this off my chest. A few posts on social media I've seen by fellow "baby sleep experts" have really pissed me off so I thought I'd just write this and say my piece on the subject.
I saw a post by an "expert" advertising a seminar teaching how to get newborns sleeping through the night.
It irritated me to the nth degree and then the comments that came after I challenged the experts point of view made my blood boil.
Why would an expert be teaching a class on a newborn sleeping through?
Surely any baby expert worth their salt would know that a newborn being trained to sleep through the night is dangerous?
Now I don't claim to know everything but what I don't know I research and I always do my darnedest to ensure I share correct information in regards to baby and toddler sleep. It's my responsibility as a parent and a human right?  
Podcast: Where do i start? how to shape your little ones sleep habits
So your little one sleep habits are getting too much and you've decided you need to make some changes and start teaching your baby to sleep a little more independently......but where do you start? Should you create a daily routine, start teaching self settling, should you stop co sleeping? So many things to consider plus your also dealing with sleep deprivation too!!  Have a listen to my podcast it will help you figure out what to do and where to begin!!
I have a gift for you, something that i created for you that  will help you  & Your baby to get more sleep, if you'd like access to it all you have to do is click the button below to claim it!!
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